Long Range

surface, theory

Long Range

Long Range is an experimental glass surface that exhibits the four traditional categories of acoustic behavior – reflection, diffusion, absorption, and transmission – all through a change of form via the slumping of glass panes.


Arcgeometer LC
University of Michigan Taubman College
Guardian Industries

Principal Investigators:
Zackery Belanger – Arcgeometer LC
Catie Newell, Wes McGee – University of Michigan

Project Leads:
Misri Patel, Oliver Popadich
Project Team:
Elizabeth Teret, Dan Tish, Maryam Alhajri, Ryan Craney, Amin Aghagholizadeh, Isabelle Leysens, Kelly Gregory
Installation Team:
Charlie O’Geen, Mehdi Shirvani, Mackenzie Bruce, Laurin Aman, Jessica Sato