BLACK HOLE  is an artist-run center for audio located in Los Angeles. It is a space where people can listen, think, discuss, and experience audio materials that are not possible with widely-distributed audio technologies for home, headphones, or cinema.

There is an expansive and internationally produced body of work addressing audio’s possibilities beyond representations of music, but there have never been widely accessible facilities to render it. BLACK HOLE’s primary goals are to slowly define a new type of listening space which will function as a research library, a production space, a platform for conversation and inspiration in relation to these materials, creating vectors into civic dimensions of listening and the definition of public space.

The BLACK HOLE Gardena listening room is 15’x25’ (4.5m x 7.5m) with a sixteen channel Meyer Sound / K Array audio system (MM4XP mains and K-Array Anakonda ceiling fill arrays, Meyer sub). The speaker configuration is dual-height quad with an additional 4 center fills and two line arrays overhead for ceiling fill. BLACK HOLE is intentionally not a neutral listening space; all works presented must be mixed/processed to be presented most effectively in the room.